Wednesday April 26th

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For the Lord is the great God, the great King above all gods. In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to him.  Proverbs 95:3-4

It all belongs to Him

But heres the amazing thing –  so do we.

Our frames tiny by comparison to the mountain peaks, to the huge vastness of it all.

Our lives minuscule

Yet all of us are in His hands and sheltered by His hands.

So whatever it is today – He has the measure of it

He knows because He is  all knowing. 

That thing that nobody else knows. He knows and sees and breathes it right along with you.  

The long held dream, the uneven ground beneath your feet, the uncertainty, the downright hard, the loss,the gain, the things gone awry, the mix of good and bad.

All of it in his  hands, within His power. We can trust Him with it. Its safe, your seen. 

Theres is always renewal divinely planned and woven in, hope runs right through, the work of God flawlessly perfect, right low on the ground where we are.  

God is weaving His life into ours. Redeeming renewing  – yet invisible to us sometimes.

“Nobody and no situation – no sin, no mess, no decision – meets the diagnosis of despair. Because theres Gods cure of amazing grace” Ann Voskamp

No shame, no accusation, no despair  – just  God’s Grace poured out.

Lets gain our strength and set our sights today  – knowing we are known.

Love to you all today 

Tracey  xx

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