Five Minute Friday ~ Free

Friday 17th July, 2015

Welcome to Five Minute Friday Five-Minute-Friday-4

So far I’ve only participated in FMF a few times. This weeks free write might fill you in a little bit as to why

This weeks prompt word:



I’ve been very nicely avoiding Five Minute Friday for a few weeks now – mostly because it scares the livin pixels out a me. Yikes 5 minutes – the pressure. And I have to write something deeply meaningful don’t I?  With no editing, no sprucing up and polishing each word till it shines  – it’s too much for me. So I haven’t written anything because I haven’t felt free in myself to just write what comes.

Then I read what samcitty wrote on her blog Square Peg, Holy God  and was taken aback her honesty and plain old fashioned bravery in writing what was on her heart. God Bless that short sweet post. I wrote her the following comment (in italics below) and half way in realised I might just be free writing. 

“One of my very favourite sayings is “done is better than perfect” We can go for excellence, aim for stupendous, all of that but none of it is necessary for success. You pushed through your discouragement, put words to your thoughts and hit publish . Success – more than I’ve done this week cause I get caught in the headlights of I thinking I have to write something earth shattering or not bother. And in 5 minutes. That’s plain scary. Looks like I’ve got a lot to learn too. So your “not really a free write” this week has inspired me to get over myself and just write the honest and real words that come to me like you have. Mmmmm I may have just written my FMF post. Thank you for your inspiration this week”

There is freedom in honesty, in being real and speaking truth from the heart and oh my theres freedom in not checking and rechecking every line, in not measuring every word. Like mercy, an unexpected reprieve from my own demands and fears. Mercy and truth are met together, righteousness and peace have kissed each other Psalm 85:10  And there is a lovely freedom in forgetting about perfect and just going for it.

Love to you all

Tracey xx


10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday ~ Free

  1. Wow I LOVE THIS!!! I’ve been meaning to get over to your blog all week after you left your lovely comment on mine and GUESS WHAT – we are neighbors today on fmf! I didn’t know it was you until I clicked your link. And boy am I glad I did. YES. It scares the pixels outa me too, girlfriend. I mean really. I wrestle. I ruminate. I wake in the night with the prompt on my mind. It’s crazy something like that can be so scary.
    And yet…so FREEING. I love the verse you referenced, I love your comment to square peg, holy God (whom I also love) and I’m so glad you joined us this week!
    Press on, my free friend, press ON!!!


  2. Beautiful thoughts and words! We so often get caught up in the idea of perfection we miss out on the imperfect experience of His grace!

    Thank you for these words and encouragement!
    Stopping by from FMF ~ Happy Friday to you!


  3. Yes – there is freedom in free writing. I so often overthink things, and while processing is good, sometimes just getting an idea out there is what I need, too. 🙂


  4. Thank you for the link back! I’ve avoided FMF the last couple of weeks for the exact same reasons. I’m glad you and I decided to push through it this week.


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