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Monday, August 17th, 2015

Welcome to Five Minute Friday Five-Minute-Friday-4

One of my favourite sayings is “you learn something new everyday” – I say it almost everyday. Somedays I learn gladly, I welcome it with arms open and somedays I learn grumpily – learning finds me and I give it a dirty look.

What I’m learning gladly  is it’s OK to be me, to do things my own way and in my own time. I love learning from others – like you amazing ladies – you inspire me constantly –  but I don’t have to be you or do what you do. I’m learning that it’s not a race or a matter of trying to keep up  but that there’s room for all of us – to be ourselves, to create and grow, and give and  encourage. I’m learning “We were made to link arms and rub shoulders.” Shannan Martin (incourage). And yes I seem to learn things years after most other have learnt it but – – – – I’m learning that that’s OK.


I’m learning this too – (this is the grumpy bit) that while ever I’m having a go, while ever I keep getting up and trying and looking to live this life better and braver that I’m gonna be making mistakes and falling flat on my face. Tripping over and showing my undies and not my good lacy ones either – yes – embarrassing with lots of hand thumped to the head “duhhh” moments and “really” moments, but  – – – –  it’s worth it, all of it, because at the end of it I’m further along than when I started. And I know in my heart that it keeps my eyes on Him and not on me, that He is the one that counts, not me or what I write or what I do.  Here by the grace of God and nothing else. And if my falling over and getting up helps someone else get up and keep going then I’m happy – I’ll deal with my red face. 


This too – I’m learning  that it’s OK to write my Five Minute Friday post on a Monday !!

God Bless and have a beautiful day.

Would love to hear your thoughts so scroll on down and fill me in.

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Tracey xx

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