The Friday Recliner ~ Weekend Reading

Hi friend

Whats better than a good read ? A reread of an article  or post that you loved!

If you receive my Friday Recliner email you’ll know that each week I link you up with a good read or two.  You can find out more about The Friday Recliner  HERE

The articles and posts I link to come from a variety of authors and publications and make for good weekend or anytime you have a cuppa and a spare moment reading.

They are now all together in one spot for easy access. They’re sorted newest to oldest  and the list is updated each week HERE

They only find their way into the Friday Recliner because they provide a little something fresh and friendly and un rushed for your soul.

The list to date is below.

February 2020

Dad Naps for Everyone

Self Care Tips For Toddlers

Five Things Happy People Have In Their Kitchens

The Kind Gesture that Helps Elizabeth Gilbert Find the Light On Her Worst Days

The Birthday Experiment That Changed Everything – A Cup of Jo

Apparently I’m Too Fat to Ski

Just Wear The Lipstick ~ The Lazy Genius Collective

January 2020

11 Reader Comments on Kindness ~ A Cup of Jo

Leave Your Headphones At Home  ~ Man Repeller

December 2019

How To Slow Your Life

One Thing I Always Do At Family Gatherings

I’m Dreaming Of A Light Christmas

A Life That Receives Is A Life of Surrender  ~ Marion Vischer

November 2019

Exclusive Excerpt: Anne Lamott’s ‘Almost Everything: Notes on Hope’

This Tom Hanks Story Will Help You Feel Less Bad

Some Advise on Dancing from Elizabeth Gilbert

The Invisible Mother


October 2019

Communion with Depression ~ Hilary Yancey

How To Make Your Apartment Look Ten Times Better in Ten Minutes Or Less

September 2019

Choosing Your Absence from Something You Love: 5 Things I’m Learning ~ Marion Vischer

The Grace of Unanticipated Routines ~ Christie Purifoy

Storytelling: How to Build a Legacy – Kimberley Coyle

August 2019

A Farewell to Summer

4 Ways Embracing Hygge All Year Round Has Changed My Life

Operation: MINIBREAK ~ Agent Grace

Create an Outdoor Space that Knows Its Own Mind

July 2019

A Week in the Woods

Me, Myself and Lord Byron by Julietta Jameson. An Excerpt

Take A Vacation by Kyra Joy Craig

June 2019

If A Tree Falls In The Forest

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